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Book Writing Checklist

Use this tool to keep yourself on track while writing your book so you can get it done more quickly!

How to Upload to Kindle


This guide on how to upload your book to Kindle makes it a simple process.

Virtual Book Tour Checklist

Use this checklist to help you plan out your virtual book tour and what things you need to do before the book tour.


Sample Book Mind Map


Use this sample book mind map as a starting point to get your book out of your head and onto paper.

Finding Your Topic Cheat Sheet

Use this simple cheat sheet to find your topic quickly and easily.


Book Marketing Plan & Timetable

Use this template so you can do the right things at the right time to market your book! Plan Your Work and work your plan!

Amazon Bestseller Checklist

Use this checklist to help you get your book on the the amazon bestseller list so you can achieve best seller status!

Book Printing Information Checklist

Use this book printing information checklist as a reference.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Use this template to help you come up with a specific marketing plan for your social media presence.

The Power of Belief Exercise

Use this exercise to help you get into the right mindset to write a book.